Pre-orders and pre-release

From time to time you can also order pre-order or pre-release goodies here at This way you will be one of the first to have the newest kawaii goodies.

Pre-orders and shipping

Pre-order goodies are goodies that have been purchased by me and are on their way to the Netherlands.

When placing an order including pre-order goodies, your order will be sent when all pre-order goodies are in stock. This is because shipping costs will be charged once. If you'd prefer to receive in stock items earlier, than we recommend you to place two separate orders. One with in stock items and one with pre-order items. 

Pre-release orders and shipping

Pre-release goodies are goodies that haven't been purchased by me yet. Your pre-release order will be part of my purchase with my supplier. 

Pre-release goodies can't be purchased together with in stock goodies. When placing a pre-release order the information on the pre-release page will inform you about the expected delivery date.

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